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Delta Industries Inc. has been the trusted name in compressed air distribution and services within the Illinois and Iowa areas for the past 30 years. Partnering with the leader of on-site nitrogen generators manufacturer, GENERON, to provide customers with the perfect on-site nitrogen system to fit their specific application needs.

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Why go with GENERON?

Over 40 years of innovation and leadership in the gas separation and nitrogen generation industry. GENERON’s commitment for a top-of-the-line product has created the most durable and state-of-the-art Membrane systems.

GENERON has become the trusted name in the nitrogen generation industry. Flexibility to meet customer needs has allowed over 20,000 industrial systems to be installed worldwide.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane Nitrogen Generators are great systems used in the commercial, industrial, aircraft, and marine, and oil and gas industries.

  • Produce on a consistent basis a Product Nitrogen of 95% and 99.5% purity.
  • Compared to competitors:
    • GENERON nitrogen generators are around 1/3 the size.
    • Use about 30% available footprint.
    • Use about 45% less energy.

Available forms of Membrane Nitrogen Generators come in Containers, Cabinets, Marine, Mobile, Skids, and Custom Builds.

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On-Site Nitrogen Generators: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Compact PSA Series:

  • Air and nitrogen buffer tanks included
  • Single-Skidded Design
  • Trouble-free operation with switching valves that are rated for millions of cycles
  • Input pressures up to 145 psig (10 barg)
  • Output pressures up to 120 psig (8.3 barg)
  • Flows up to 3300 SCFH (86.8 Nm3/hr)
  • From 95% up to 99.999% purities.
  • Membrane Dryer system
  • Fail Safe Mode
  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Air Receiver
  • Product Flow Meter
  • Nitrogen Receiver
  • Product Pressure Transmitter

Industrial Twin Tower PSA Series:

  • Safe Low Operating Pressures, no Hazardous Storage
  • Economical Installation, Operating, and Maintenance Cost
  • Convenient Fully Automatic or Unattended Operation
  • Reliable and Easy to Install and Maintain
Nitrogen Generator Twin Tower
  • Input pressures up to 145 psig (10 barg)
  • Output pressures up to 120 psig (8.3 barg)
  • Flows up to 84,700 SCFH (2,226 Nm3/hr)
  • From 99% up to 99.999% purities.
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Nitrogen Pressure and Flow Regulator
  • Single Skidded Design
  • And More
Additionally, GENERON’s Industrial Twin Tower series ranges from 34 Nm3/h / 22 SCFM to 3,200 Nm3/h / 2,030 SCFM.

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Industrial Sequential PSA Nitrogen Generators, which are used in the Oil & Gas industries, are also available.

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