Compressed Air Service, Repair, and Replacement

Delta Industries Inc. provides a full service for compressed air systems in the Illinois and Iowa territories: Installation, Repair, Replacement, Etc.

Check out the list of our services below and do not hesitate to contact us.

Delta Industries Inc. has been providing air compressors, vacuums & blowers to industries for three decades. For this reason, our experienced staff of engineers and system specialists can custom design a compressed air, vacuum & blower system that suits your application.

Our turnkey approach makes sure that the customer receives the full service:

  • Layout design for an optimal operation to fit the available space.
  • Efficient installation of all parts and products.
  • Training to make sure that once Delta leaves the room your employees are able to control their compressed air system without a hitch.

We understand that sometimes something goes wrong. Especially, at the most inopportune moment. With this in mind, our technicians are available 24/7 to meet your emergency needs. Click here to choose the right service area and give us a call. A technician will be out to you right away.

Let us help you make sure that your compressed air system keeps running smoothly. Our Product Specialist will help come up with an effective Preventive Maintenance (PM) plan based on the compressed air system involved. Before recommending any specific PM, our specialists will take into account all the relevant variables (environment, total hours running, etc.).  Consequently, these PM plans are highly recommended as they prolong the life of the air compressors, blowers, and vacuums, as well as reduce the risk of unexpected repairs.

Schedule a free visit from one of our Product Specialists for a Preventative Maintenance quote.

Do you do your own Preventive Maintenance and just need the parts? No problem, Delta is your source for the parts you need to keep your application running. Check out our parts list and let us know if you want to pick it up or have it delivered right to you.

Undetected air leaks, worn equipment, and parts, poor layout design, all can cost thousands of dollars a year in extra energy usage. Delta is here to evaluate and recommend a corrective course of action, if and when needed. Our goal is to make sure that customers do not overpay and misuse their systems. With this in mind, the Audits and System Surveys offer customers an insight into possible improvements to save on costs.

For your reference, these are the questions that Delta specialists will be looking into:

  • Is the current air compressor the right one for your application/needs?
  • Are there any air leaks that cause the air compressor to work harder than it should?
  • Are any parts worn out and need to be replaced?
  • Is the piping layout efficient, or does the layout cause air flow constraints?

These basic but critical questions may seem simple, but for a busy maintenance manager, or facility engineer, the answers can be elusive and hard to find. Let Delta Industries take the guesswork and mystery out of your compressed air system with an air audit.

Whether you are experiencing periods of insufficient flow, looking to replace or upgrade your system, need an outside opinion, or just want to know more about your compressed air system Delta Industries is here to help. With a wide range of auditing services, we can look at everything from a simple one compressor system all the way up to a facility-wide supply and demand side study. Delta Industries Inc. can also help you identify and tag compressed air leaks within your facility.

Schedule a free visit from one of our Specialists for an Audit and Systems Survey.

Above listed services are but a snapshot of what Delta Industries offers. To this regard, please note the following full list of applicable services:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Service Agreements
  • Emergency Service and Repair
  • Cost Control and Efficiency Survey
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Rotary Airlock Rebuild
  • Complete Rebuilds
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Turnkey Design and Installation
  • Systems Training
  • Closed Loop Cooling Systems
  • Fixed Rate Utility Air
  • Blower and Vacuum Repair/Rebuilds

If the service you need is not listed, or if you are not sure exactly what you need, then contact us for more information. Our Specialists will work to answer your questions or refer you to someone that will.