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At Delta Industries Inc. we pride ourselves on finding a solution for each application we encounter. Therefore, we understand that certain industries demand the very best in air quality. Consequently, a growing number of companies require clean, dry, oil-free air solutions. This is where Delta Industries Inc. steps in. Your one-stop resource for oil-free air compressors and services in Illinois and Iowa.

Partnering with the top oil-free compressed air system manufacturers such as Kobelco KNW Series and Powerex, Delta Industries Inc. has access to the top-of-the-line oil-free systems to fit your specific application.

By choosing Delta Industries Inc. you are joining a family of highly satisfied customers. Delta will be there from your initial inquiry through system startup. As a result, you will get a complete turnkey service.

Meet Our Oil-Free and Oil-Less Air Compressor Partners


Delta Industries Inc. is a proud distributor and service provider of the top manufacturers in the compressed air industry, Kobelco KNW Series.

We invite you to explore this page to see how you could start benefiting from Kobelco’s KNW Series premium efficient oil-free compressors.

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Powerex’s innovative technology means that their pumps are completely oil-free. The compressor rotary design has few moving parts and self-lubricating tip seals. Thus, making their compressors reliable, easy to maintain and, more importantly, 100% oil-free. Because of their design, these compressors are perfectly suited for automotive, food and beverage, chemical, textile, medical and technological industries.

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Powerex Air Compressors

Why Oil-Free Compressors?

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