Why Oil-Free Compressed Air?

Why Oil-Free Compressed Air?

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies continually look for ways to reduce operating costs, eliminate contamination risks, and minimize environmental footprints. With this in mind, switching to an oil-free compressor is one way to help achieve these goals. Another advantage of making the switch is that it can help you meet minimum air quality requirements.  These requirements vary by industrial application and the most stringent standards apply to manufacturers whose end products, packaging, or critical instrumentation come in direct contact with compressed air.

The transition to oil-free air in a production facility may seem like a sizable investment; however minimal maintenance requirements increase up-time and productivity, and a properly configured oil-free system lowers energy consumption while significantly increasing ROI.

Energy consumption can account for up to 90% percent of the total life cycle cost of an air compressor. By switching to an oil-free compressor, coupled with a variable speed drive, new control system, and a heat of compression dryer, you can cut energy costs while providing clean, dry, oil-free air for food plants, pharmaceutical production, and a variety of other applications.

Benefits of Oil-Free Air

Worry-Free Operation

Air treatment systems & process equipment can be damaged by oil-laden compressed air, which can then affect sensitive electronic components causing unnecessary downtime and expense.

Risk-Free Legal Compliance

Some processes need clean, dry, oil-free air and cannot risk contamination. With an oil-free compressor you get peace of mind, both in your system and for your business.

Lower Maintenance Cost & Energy Savings

A true oil-free compressor does not have oil in the compression chamber. Consequently, minimizing downstream filtration requirements and pressure drops, which directly translates into energy savings.

Increased Sustainability

With high quality, contaminant-free air, you can be sure that you are helping make your compressed air system as streamlined, and efficient, as possible.

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