Delta Service Tips: Beat The Summer Heat

Delta Service Tips

Beat the Summer Heat

Delta Industries is committed to keeping you informed about your compressed air system. Including how to service and maintain it during hot summer days.

As summer gets closer you can count on two things; both temperature and humidity are going to rise. The change in seasons will put pressure on your compressed air system and you could see your temperature alarms and dryer failures.

To avoid unscheduled downtime and costly repairs, Delta Industries Inc advises the following four pro-active measures to keep your air systems running smoothly:

Clean Your Coolers

Clogged or blocked coolers will cause overheating and shut down your equipment.

Change Oil & Filters

High temperatures will shorten the life of the oil and cause residue to build up in the internal oil passages.

Clean Condensate Drain Traps

More condensate (water) is created in the summer months due to high humidity.

On a hot summer day, say 90°F with 80% relative humidity, a 50-hp compressor delivering 200 CFM of compressed air at 100°F squeezes about 2.1 gallons of water per hour from the atmospheric air. This amount is more than enough to fill a 40-gallon drum per day.

Check Air Dryers

Prevent increased dew point and moisture in the air system by checking refrigerant gas levels, dryer condenser, drains, and filters.  

Delta Industries Inc highly recommends Summer service, which should include, air filters, oil filters, oil & cooler cleaning & temperature checks.

Be proactive, make sure your air system is ready for the Summer by calling 800-325-1987 or Contact Us to schedule a service visit.