Blowers and Vacuums

The Delta Advantage – Blowers and Vacuums

Since 1987, Delta Industries Inc. is the exclusive distributor and service provider of award-winning Blowers and Rotary Screw Vacuum Packages in Illinois and Iowa. 

Delta Industries Inc. will work with you to create the right blower or vacuum system to fit your application. Please see below highlighted features of the Kaeser’s Blower and Vacuum line.

Why should you choose a Kaeser?

Kaeser has been in the manufacturing and innovating compressed air systems for over 90 years. They are German engineering in its’ truest form.

Since entering the US market in the late 80’s, Kaeser has become synonymous with reliability, longevity, and style. When you walk into the room and you see that signature yellow box, you instinctively realize that you’re in good hand.

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