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Delta Industries Inc. is the go-to distributor and service provider of Kaeser air compressor dryers and accessories in the Illinois and Iowa territories. 

Why do you need an air compressor dryer?

When water vapor is released from the compressed air system it turns into liquid, which could increase maintenance requirements and affect the product. Kaeser air compressor dryers are designed to meet your exact needs and reduce the risk of unnecessary maintenance work.

Refrigerated Dryers

Models: TAH 5 to TCH 45

Flow Capacity: up to 159 cfm / compressors up to 40 HP

These refrigerated air compressor dryers provide reliable drying ability up to 122 F ambient temperatures, as well as ensure high-efficiency performance and low maintenance requirements.

Models: TA 5 to TF 340

Flow Capacity: up to 1060 cfm @ 100 psig

Considered as one of the energy-saving refrigeration dryers, SECOTEC models provide a minimum pressure dew point of 38 F. Additionally, models TE 102 through TF 340 include a Sigma Control Smart controller and the SecoPack LS system.

Models: Dual Control / TH 371 to TI 901

Flow Capacity: 1300 up to 3000 cfm @ 100 psig

The Dual Control Energy-Saving Refrigerated Dryers offer the perfect solution for systems with varying air demands, thus ensuring a constant dew point.

Models: Demand Manager / TF 171E to TI 901E

Flow Capacity: 600 up to 3000 cfm @ 100 psig

The Demand Manager Energy-Saving Refrigerated Dryers offer the perfect solution for systems with systems that start and stop routinely. Consequently allowing the system to maintain a constant air demand.

Models: TK 1060 to TM 3540

Flow Capacity: up to 12,500 cfm @ 100 psig

To achieve a consistent delivery of clean, dry air, Modular High Capacity Refrigerated Dryers are water-cooled and remove oil, moisture, and contaminants. For this reason, they are perfect for large air compressor systems. 

Furthermore, to ensure redundancy when dealing critical applications, the modular design provides a constant air supply, even when adding or removing modules from the operation.

Models: HTRD

Flow Capacity: up to 145 scfm

Kaeser’s High-Temperature Refrigerated Dryers (HTRD) are designed for piston compressors with 5 to 25 HP. Consequently, HTRDs are perfect for a shop like environments. With this in mind, these dryers remove moisture and contaminants from the air by using the internal aftercooler, refrigeration units, filtered separator, and condensate drain.

Models: KCA

Flow Capacity: up to 330 scfm

The Kaeser Coolings Units (KCA) are designed as non-cycling refrigerated dryers. In fact, KCA uses technology that directs compressed air into an air-to-refrigerant heat exchange, an evaporator, to cool the air to about 40 F. Also, Kaeser’s three-micron filtered separator is used to remove bulk moisture and particulates from the operation. As such, these type of dryers are perfectly designed for industries in the metal, glass, and plastics production.

Desiccant Dryers

Models: Kaeser Adsorptive Desiccant (KAD) Series

Flow Capacity: up to 5,400 cfm @ 100 psig, with pressure dew point to -100 F

The heatless regenerative composition produces pressure dew points as low as -100 F. KADs are recommended for moisture sensitive applications as seen in the brewing, food processing, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, Wall-Mounted designs also available.

Models: KBD Series

Flow Capacity: up to 4,300 cfm with pressure dew point to -40 F

Twin cylinders of alumina take turns between drying and regenerating. As such, the regeneration process occurs when the ambient air is heated at just above the atmospheric pressure. For this reason, this feature is an energy savings advantage, which translates to financial savings.

blower purge dryers

Models: KED Series

Flow Capacity: up to 3,200 cfm with pressure dew point to -40 F

A twin cylinders set-up, with solid state logic, precisely regulates inlet and purge valves, which guide wet compressed air to the regenerated cylinder, and heated purge air to the cylinder in need of regeneration. Created for operational savings in mind, the desiccant can go through thousands of adsorption and desorption cycles before being replaced.

desiccant dryers

Models: KFD Series

Flow Capacity: up to 30 cfm @ 100 psig, with pressure dew point to -45 F

Perfect for point of use applications where small volumes of extremely dry air are necessary. Moreover, the single tower dryers require no electricity, as such making the units very economical. Additionally, the silica gel desiccant is reusable, which further decreases operational costs.

desiccant dryers

Models: KBS Series

Flow Capacity: up to 1,030 scfm @ 100 psig

Kaeser Breathing Air System (KBS) Dryer is a total purification system, removing moisture, solid particles, oil or oil vapors, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from the compressed air.

Kaeser Breathing Air Systems applies the following treatment stages:

  • Pre-filter separates all contaminants larger than 1 um such as dust, dirt, oil, fluid droplets, and rust. In addition, the pre-filter includes an electronic condensate drain.
  • Micro-filter then removes all aerosols and particles as low as 0.01 um. Electronic condensate drain also included.
  • Heatless regenerating desiccant dryer removes water vapor and carbon dioxide. Thus, drying the air to a pressure dew point of -40 F.
  • Catalyst converter then removes the carbon monoxide.
  • Lastly, the carbon filter works to remove the hydrocarbon vapors and bring ambient air to legal standards.

Hybritec and Membrane Dryers

Models: DT

Flow Capacity: up to 5,300 scfm

Kaeser’s Hybritec technology combines refrigerated and desiccant air compressor dryers into one unit. Thus, significantly lowers operational costs. Hybritecs are best suited for seasonal year-round environments as they smoothly adjust to extreme winter and summer conditions. For example, the chart below shows cost comparisons of an annual operating and maintenance costs.

Models: KMM Series

Flow Capacity: varies at pressures up to 200 psig

Kaeser Modular Membrane (KMM) Dryer creates pressure dew points to -40 F. Additionally, KMMs do not require electricity or cooling water, which makes them easy to install on existing air compressor systems. Finally, KMMs are specifically designed to fit small and medium air compressors. 

membrane dryers

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