Compressed Air Piping

The Delta Advantage – Compressed Air Piping

At Delta Industries Inc. we recognize that in a comprehensive compressed air system the elements that are usually least considered are the tools needed to connect all the units together–the piping.

The piping selection has an impact on three major elements of every compressed air system: air quality, flow, and pressure. Consequently, poor choices in piping diameter, materials, and layout can cause flow restrictions and added contaminants. Accordingly, these issues will result in loss of pressure, which then can cause the compressed air systems to overwork, which can lead to increased maintenance and incur additional costs.

Kaeser’s SmartPipe ™

Kaeser’s SmartPipe ™ technology offers all the necessary benefits needed to eliminate the risks air quality contamination and reduced flow restriction.

  • Smooth aluminum constructed for minimal friction to provide the best possible streamline flow.
  • Bore fittings optimize airflow and energy efficiency while minimizing the possibility of pressure drops.
  • Wasted energy and air loss are prevented by leak-free connectors.
  • Aluminum will not rust or corrode.
  • Installation is faster than usual piping.
  • No threading, brazing or welding needed.
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, add or remove as needed.

Check out the pipe sizing chart for your reference.

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